• Stephen Wu, the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics at Hamilton, recently teamed with former student Qi Ge ’06, assistant professor of economics at Vassar College, on the study “How Do You Say Your Name? Difficult-to-Pronounce Names and Labor Market Outcomes.”

  • The quill atop the Chapel is no idle boast. From its beginnings, Hamilton has revered its commitment to writing, and our faculty across disciplines, continually seek ways to help students develop into accomplished communicators.

  • Courtney Gibbons’ interest in public policy began with the 1988 presidential election and a passionate defense of a vegetable. It’s an unexpected start to a story about a math professor — until you learn she is spending the academic year working on Capitol Hill.

  • Writing is hard; writing well is even harder. And like most skills, it takes practice to get better. Students at Hamilton have been perfecting their writing skills outside of the classroom as far back as the early 1830s with the debut of a literary magazine known as The Talisman.

  • We asked nine Hamilton professors to share a nonfiction book, published within the last few decades, that not only inspired or influenced their thinking, but also altered the way they regard their teaching, research, lifestyle, or view of the world.

  • Journalist Steve Wulf ’72 retraces his journey from his first sports writing gig with the Norwich Evening Sun to the pages of Sports Illustrated and ESPN: The Magazine.

  • In 1950, composer Marion Bauer completed her Symphony No. 1. The piece was to premiere the following November, but three copyists tasked with creating the orchestral parts from Bauer’s score did what the composer called an abysmal job.

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