Hamilton's Model EU students at the Euro-Sim event in Antwerp, Belgium, with Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Ivan Rasmussen.

The Hamilton Model EU team brought 10 students to the 29th annual Euro-Sim event, held at Antwerp University in Belgium  from Jan. 3-7. Hamilton student participants were Dumitru (Dima) Kaigorodov ’16,  Annie Berman ’18, Daniel Berrick ’18,  Victoria Bulivant ’18, Kevin Roback ’17, Hallie Skripak Gordon ’16, Charlotte Carstens ’16, Nicolas Yardas ’18, Hristina (Tina) Mangelova ’16 and Alex Hollister ’17.  The students were accompanied by their advisor Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Ivan Rasmussen.

During the four day simulation, students were given relevant roles in the European Union as either country representatives (for example in the European Parliament), EU bureaucrats, or members of the media/non-governmental organizations.  The simulation is unique in its focus on the European Union at the same time addressing a major international issue: refugees and migration. 

Before the negotiations began, the students took an informative trip to the European Parliament in Brussels then transitioned to discussions in Antwerp.  The event’s host, Antwerp University, treated the whole team to multiple banquets and other activities.  The Hamilton students were particularly active in the Euro-Sim and Professor Rasmussen offered a live commentary on Twitter

The experience combined serious academic debate and the opportunity to travel to Europe along with meeting  more than 200 students from a consortium of American and European institutions. The closing ceremony was held in Antwerp's magnificent Town Hall (see photos), culminating four days of negotiations and fantastic winter break travel for Hamilton's Model EU Team.

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