For the second year in a row, members of Hamilton College's rowing teams are providing daily updates from the teams' spring trip. With the Continentals arriving in Oak Ridge, Tenn., this weekend, men's team captain Pat English ’15 provides the second edition of this year's blog.

This morning (Sunday), we welcomed the 60-degree temperatures and unfrozen water for our first day of rowing since the fall season. After the fog cleared, a few rowers had their first experience in a boat and everybody enjoyed getting back on the water.

Both practices involved mostly drill work as we tried to get the kinks out and work on technique. In the afternoon, we rowed several times up and down the 2k course, which gave us a great feel for the water we will be rowing on for the next two weeks. We immediately noticed the strong current which will result in some fast times once we start doing harder pieces. While the rowing still needs some work, the rhythm is definitely getting there which is a good sign, especially after only two practices.

After the afternoon practice, we had our first taste of southern food with a barbecue dinner. We got to meet our caterer, an Oak Ridge City Council member, and two members of the police department. It was great to see people take time out of their day to welcome us to the community. We learned some of the history of Oak Ridge such as its part in the Manhattan Project and that it is home to the second fastest supercomputer in the world.

We are looking forward to tomorrow when we will have our first three-a-day and our first hard work on the water.

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