For the second year in a row, members of Hamilton College's rowing teams are providing daily updates from the teams' spring trip. Emily Hedison '17 checks in with the 13th (and final?) edition.

Dear diary,

Day 14 on the island and rations are getting slim . . .

Actually we've been fed better than I ever imagined. After a great dinner of pulled pork, macaroni and cheese and cole slaw at senior Pat English's beautiful house, we headed to our hotel.

In the morning we got up, ate at the hotel and got back on the bus for the next leg of our trip to Camden, N.J. Most people slept, listened to music, read, or did some work on the bus.

Some of the girls in the 2V decided it wouldn't be spring break if they didn't cornrow their hair, so Hideko worked her magic and gave most of the stern some awesome cornrows. We decided it would up our intimidation factor...

We also watched Thor on the bus, which was a great movie I had never seen before. For lunch we stopped at Panera and got their delicious packed lunch sandwiches, complete with a huge Panera cookie for dessert. Everyone was very happy with lunch.

After our stop at Panera and a little more driving, we finally arrived at the race course. We unloaded the trailer and quickly rigged the boats. The trailer got stuck in the mud so they got a bunch of the boys to push it. They needed the front to be weighed down, so some of the girls got to ride on the front of the trailer while the boys pushed us. We waved and sang and acted like we were on a parade float, it was really fun!

Eventually we got the trailer unstuck and went for a warm-up jog. We launched for our last practice row of spring break and before our race. We took a few laps on the course, doing some steady state, rate builders and practice starts. All in all we feel pretty good going into Saturday’s race! After tying down the boats we took the bus to the hotel, showered and ate a delicious pasta dinner. The hotel even had free cookies!

After dinner we had boat meetings to go over when we were leaving and our race plan. We're very excited to race and see how our training has been paying off, it should be a great day!

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