For the second year in a row, members of Hamilton College's rowing teams are providing daily updates from the teams' spring trip. Charlotte Andrews ’17 provides the third edition of this year's blog.

Hello Hamilton family, friends and fans!

It's only our second day back on the water, and it's coming back quickly! This morning we had two practices: The first was just some drills and steady state and in the second we got to do some pieces. We got to the course at 7:30 and were able to see a beautiful sunrise over the water. It's really nice doing pieces here because Melton Lake has a fully buoyed course, which many of us have raced on before. Many of us are already sporting some sunburns on day two, but it has been so nice to be in the sun.

This afternoon we did steady state and were able to get some good meters in. During our free time in the afternoon, many teammates chose to sit outside in the sun, toss around a Frisbee or take nice long naps.

And to make this afternoon even better, some old teammates came to visit us! Overall, a good day of rowing and a great break from school. Sending warm thoughts to Clinton and the Erie Canal so we can keep up this progress on the water when we get back!

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