Last year Marquis Palmer '18 conducted Emerson grant research with Professor of Philosophy Rick Werner.

Recipients of the 2016 Emerson Summer Grants were recently announced. Created in 1997, the Emerson Foundation Grant program was designed to provide students with significant opportunities to work collaboratively with faculty members, researching an area of interest. Twenty-six Hamilton students and 23 faculty members will be working on the following projects this summer. The students will make public presentations of their research throughout the academic year.

Ian Baize ’18 and Professor Alfred Kelly
“Progress as the Goal: Political Positivism in Nineteenth-Century Latin America”

 Annie Berman ’18 and Professor Steven Yao
“Spinsterlollypop: Reconstructing the Social and Artistic Milieu of Female American Dada”

Shannon Boley ’17 and Professor S. Brent Rodriguez-Plate
“How Refugees Have Re-Shaped Rome’s Religious Landscape”

Samantha Donohue ’18 and Professor Angel Nieves
“Muslim Women in the Media Project: A Study of Exploitation in Contemporary Media and Digital Storytelling as Social Justice”

Sophia Gaulkin ’17 and Professor Marianne Janack
“The Philosophy of Geoscience: The Rocky Ethics of Geological Sampling”

Hayley Goodrich ’17, Meg Riley ’17 and Professor Margo Okazawa-Rey
“Getting Active: How Everyday People Become Organized Activists”

Daiyan Hossain ’18 and Professor Nancy S. Rabinowitz
“Defining and Studying Contemporary Trans Literature in Alignment with the Mobilization of Trans-Activism”

 Luke Jeton ’17 and Professor Kevin Grant
“Justifying Empire and International Government”  

Henry Johnstone ’17 and Professor Shelley Haley
“'Talkin' About Our Generation: Black Women, Intimacy, and Sexuality'”

Sanju Koirala ’19 and Professor Jane Springer
“Creative Writing: a Tool for Psychological Healing”

Matthew Lebowitz ’18 and Professor Lydia Hamessley
“Red White and Blues: Rediscovering the Soul of Blues Music in America”

Pat LeGates ’18 and Director of the Jazz Archive Monk Rowe
“Liminal Space: The Emerging Neofuturist Aesthetic of Electronic Music and the Self”

Elizabeth Lvov ’17 and Professor Ella Gant
“Women and Subversive Art”

Emma Morgan ’18 and Lecturer in History Peter Simons
“A Fork in the Road: Race, Gender, Class and the American Road Trip”

Isabel O'Malley ’18 and Director of Counseling Services David Walden
“Development of Training for the Peer Counseling Program”

Paula Ortiz ’18 and Professor Scott MacDonald
“A Cinematic Healing: Shamanism and Nature in South America”

Martha Redmond ’18 and Professor Masaaki Kamiya
“Cross-Gender, Age, and Education Variation in Perception of Ambiguous Sentences”

Marisabel Rey ’19 and Professor Margaret Thickstun
“Runa Simipi : Documenting oral traditions in the Peruvian highlands, Through Literature and Photography”

Emma Reynolds ’17 and Professor Benjamin Widiss
“So Much Depends Upon A Syllabus”

Fain Riopelle ’17 and Professor Margaret Thickstun
“How to Argue with Words: A Pre-College Essay-Writing Clinic”

Kathryn Veasey ’17 and Professor Sarah Rosenstein
“Persistent Organic Pollutant Analysis”

Cedar Weyker ’17 and Professor Seth Schermerhorn
“Quechua Literature and the Construction of Indigenous Identity”

Jennie Wilber ’17 and Professor Mireille Koukjian
“Intercultural Communication Among Religious Communities”

Alex Witonsky ’17 and Professor Zhuoyi Wang
“Rhythmanalysis & Film: Cinematic Depictions of Space, Time, and Everyday Life in Contemporary Chinese Cinema”

Alan Yeh ’18 and Professor Steven Yao
“From Chop Suey to Teriyaki: Fiction, Fictional Foods, and Asian Racial Formation in the United States from 1965 to the Present”

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