The Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center recently announced the 2016 Levitt Summer Research Fellows. To enhance student research around issues of public affairs, the Levitt Center funds student-faculty research through its Levitt Research Fellows Program. The program is open to rising juniors and seniors who wish to spend the summer working in collaboration with a faculty member on an issue related to public affairs. Following are this year’s recipients.

Levitt Summer Research Groups

Andre Burnham ’18 and Fiona McLaughlin ’19 with Professor Herman Lehman
“Honeybee Fitness: Local Bees vs. Bees Imported from the South”

Nicolas Yardas ’18 Ryan Franquiz ’18, and Sebastian Lissarrague’18 with Professor Alan Cafruny
“The Ebbing of the Pink Tide”

Emma Raynor ’18, Hunter Sobczak ’17, and James Bryan ’16* with Professor Sharon Rivera 
“Explaining the Sources of Foreign Borrowing by Russian Elites”

*[James is a graduating senior, working on the Group’s research project]

Hersheena Rajaram ’19, Alexander Hollister ’17, and Patrick McConnell ’19 with  Professor Paul Hagstrom
“Refugee Engagements with Institutional Structures”

Audrey Nadler ’18, Sofia Rachad ’18, and Erica Chen ’19  with Professor Erol Balkan
“Refugee Engagements with Institutional Structures”

Reed Johnson ’18, Rachel Dawson ’19, and Victoria Bullivant ’18  with Professor Chaise LaDousa
“ Refugee Engagements with Institutional Structures”

Levitt Summer Research Fellows

Kateri Boucher ’17 and Professor Katheryn Doran
“More than Agriculture: An Exploration of Urban Farms as Sites of Holistic Community Development”

Margaret (Maggie) Smith ’17 and Professor Janelle Schwartz
“Long Lake School and Community Garden Project”

Anna Do ’18 and Director of Counseling David Walden
“Stories of Survivors: Exploring the Lives of Sex Trafficking Victims in Central New York”

Katherine Glusac  ’17 and Professor Marianne Janack
“Intentional Communities: sustainable practices countering individualistic mainstream society”

Irina Rojas ’18 and  Professor Cara Jones
“Reproductive Health Experiences Among High-Risk Women from a Disabilities Discourse”

Paul Green ’17 and Professor Herman Lehman
“The Economics of Oral Health in Appalachia”

Gabriela Foster ’18 and Professor Peter Cannavo                                                     Perceptions of Place: Understanding the Higgins Lake Water Level Debate 

Linh Do ’18 and Professor Erol Balkan
“Vietnam's Economy in Transition”

Case Tatro ’18 and Professor Emily Conover
“The Impact of a College's Board of Trustees on Student and Faculty Diversity”

Abigail Leitschuh ’17 and Professor Zhuoyi Wang
“How have disparate political and economic systems within the U.S. and China come to produce similarly unequal education systems?”

Alexandru Hirsu ’17 and Professor Alan Cafruny
“The Time Romania's Corruption Started Fading: An Analysis of the Post-2010 Fight Against Corruption”

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