Hamilton students at the New York 6 Undergraduate Research conference at Skidmore College.

Twenty-three Hamilton students presented their research at the 7th annual New York Six Undergraduate research conference, held on Sept. 23 at Skidmore College.

Hamilton faculty who attended with the students were Mike McCormick, Natalie Nannas, and Jessica Fellmeth (biology): Siobhan Robinson (psychology); Kristen Burson (physics); and Max Majireck (chemistry).

Students and the research they presented were:

 Aaron Beguelin ’18: The gut microbiome of two sympatric species of sea urchin from two locations in Fiji: Does geographic location or sea urchin specificity result in differences between gut microbiomes?

Giovanny Dominguez ’18, Mackenzie Morshead ’18: Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of 3-hydroxy-2-oxindoles

Allison Mogul ’18, Gianna Davino ’20: Putting Fear in Context:  Elucidating the Role of the Retrosplenial Cortex in Context Discrimination in Rats

Abigail Dayton ’19:  Strategies to Improve the Novel Object Recognition Task

Grant Kiefaber ’19: Muslim Refugees in Utica: Perception and Reality

Emily De Jong ’19: Ovaries from diabetic mice exhibit loss of follicles leading to reproductive failure

Clare Munroe ’18: High-Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy of alpha-Quartz in Air and Liquid

Stephen Wisser ’20, Kai Scarangella ’20, Anneka Sheppard ’19: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Analysis of water column and sub-chemocline biofilm samples from meromictic Green Lake (Fayetteville, NY)

Claudia Karademas ’20: Do Gustatory Processing Styles Prime Vision?

Danielle Rodriguez ’19, Olivia Simone 19, Caroline Sullivan ’20: Use of N-(1-alkoxyvinyl) pyridinium salts in organic synthesis

Jodi Weiss’ 19: Frequency of Abnormal Chromosome 10 in Tropical Landraces of Zea mays

Jenny Soonthornrangsan ’19: Geosciences and Mathematics, Monitoring Groundwater and Surface Water Nutrient Fluxes on Lake Erie’s Eastern Shore

Tatenda Chakoma ’18: DREADDs: A Chemogenetic Technique for Remotely Controlling Neural Activity in Rats

Sara Aldrich ’19: Characterization of a Putative Rat Model for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Alisha Blades ’20, Phoebe Keyes ’19, Danielle McConnell ’20: Direct synthesis of N-(1-alkoxyvinyl) pyridinium salts, a novel class of N-quaternized ketene N,O-acetals

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