Twenty-two Hamilton students presented their research at the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium Upstate New York Undergraduate Research Conference, held Sept. 26 at Colgate University.

Eight students made oral presentations. Students and their projects were:

  • Jennie Wilber ’17, “Narrating an American Religion: The Hill Cumorah Pageant and the Story of Mormon Religious Freedom”
  • Talia Vaughan ’18, “Defending Indigeneity: The Paradox of ‘Religious Freedom’ for the Tohono O’odham Peoples”
  • Andy Chen ’16, “Characterization of a gene involved in Salicylic Acid (SA) signaling in an SA tolerant mutant”
  • Hung Hoang ’17, “Chasing Cyborgs: Ghost in the Shell’s Posthumanism”
  • Evelyn Torsher ’17, “Storytelling: A Tool for Arabic Language Acquisition”
  • Rachel Beamish ’16, “Adaptations of Classical Mythology in Contemporary Young Adult Literature”
  • Kateri Boucher ’17, “'Too Smart to be Religious?' Discreet Seeking Amidst Religious Stigma at an Elite Secular College”
  • Grace Berg ’16, “Penelope and Her Odyssey: A Reception Study”

Fourteen Hamilton students presented posters. They included:  David Freeman ’16, “Measurement of CPE from Serum-Derived Exosomes”

  • James Robbins ’16, “Exploring the Efficacy of Community Water Fluoridation for Improved Public Health”
  • Alex Jones ’16, Osaruese Odeh ’16 and Ryan Hobson ’16, “Is Vitamin C Necessary for Proper Growth and Development in Manduca sexta?”
  • Emily Moschowits ’16, “Terroir and the Culture of Local, Sustainable Food Ways: Predicting and Protecting the Future of Food in NYS”
  • Eric Nieminen ’16, “Metagenomic Characterization of Bacteria Belonging to the Candidate Phylum Atribacteria (OP9/JS1) in Sediments of Green Lake”
  • John Bianco ’17, “Tyramine β- Hydroxylase- Related Protein: An Agent in Search of a Mission”
  • Hawer Conteh ’17, “Characterization of the Arabidopsis Serine Hydroxymethyl Transferase Gene Family”
  • Samantha Mengual ’16 and Daniel O’Shea ’17, “The Effect of Garlic Mustard, Alliaria petiolata, on Soil Respiration” (Poster #1)
  • Marc Horschman ’16 and Zoe Tessler ’16, “The Effect of Garlic Mustard, Alliaria petiolata, on Soil Respiration” (Poster #2)
  • Justin Long ’16, “Language Ecology: Indigenous Heritage and Discourses Invoking Ecological Metaphor”

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