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Mackenzie Leavenworth '15, right, on site in Gournia, Greece, during a 2013 Emerson research expedition with Professor John McEnroe.

Recipients of the 2014 Emerson Summer Grants were recently announced. Created in 1997, the Emerson Foundation Grant program was designed to provide students with significant opportunities to work collaboratively with faculty members, researching an area of interest. Hamilton students and faculty will be working on the following projects this summer. The students will make public presentations of their research throughout the academic year.

Nejla Asimovic '16 and Professor Alan Cafruny
Accession of Serbia to the European Union

Zoe Bodzas '16 and Professor Vivyan Adair
Contemporary Poor Women Writers: Bridging an Historical Silence

John Boyle '15 and Professor Kevin Grant
Ireland: Independent or Dependent Power at the United Nations

Hannah Chappell '15 and Professor Onno Oerlemans
Moving Through Language: The Intersection of Literature, Dance and Performance

Sitong Chen '16 and Professor Christopher Georges
Analysis of the Internet-born Currency: The Birth of Bitcoin

Mercedes Corredor '15 and Professor Marianne Janack
Absolute Spirit, Logic, and Contemporary Philosophy: Returning to Hegelian Thought

Matthew Currier '16 and Professor John Eldevik
A Right to Kingship in Early Anglo-Saxon England: An Examination of Anglo-Saxton Kings' Ideology of Rulership in their Royal Charters

Tori Fukumitsu '15 and Professor Kyoko Omori
Performing With the Picture, Moving With the Times: the Role of Benshi in Preserving a Japanese Cultural Practice and Adapting to a Global Audience

Leigh Gialanella '15 and Professor Doug Ambrose and Christian Goodwillie
Print Culture in the Oneida Community

Bennett Glace '16 and Professor Scott MacDonald
Another Man's Treasure: An Exploration of 'Trash' Cinema

Asad Javed '15 and Professor Martine Guyot-Bender
En Rose - The Depiction and Reception of Homosexuality in French Cinema

Brendon Kaufman '15 and Professor Roberta Krueger
Social Uses of English Language Borrowings in France

Nathaniel Lanman '15 and Professor Benj Widiss
"The Thought of Thought": Contemporary Inheritances of the Modernist Stream of Consciousness Narrative

Victoria Lin '15 and Professor Cheryl Morgan
Behind the Veil: Formation of the Muslim Identity under Laicite

Sophia Millman '16 and Professor Heather Buchman
If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On: Is There a Future for Live Orchestral Performance?

Brenda Narvaez '17 and Professor Anne Lacsamana
Community Mapping with Day Laborer Women

Shannon O'Brien '15 and Professor Angel Nieves
Examining the Community-Building Efforts of Food Justice Organizations in Philadelphia

Gabriella Pico '16 and Professor Vivyan Adair
Exiled Mujeres: Understanding Identities of Contemporary Cuban Women

Carly Poremba '15 and Professor David Gapp
Horticultural and Historical Exploration of Botanico-Vegetable Medicine

Ianna Recco '16 and Professor John McEnroe
Gournia Excavation Project

Henry Rittenberg '15 and Professor Lawrence Chua
From Penn to Richardson : A Study in Post-World War II Fashion Photography

John Rufo '16 and Professor Steve Yao
Reading and Writing Pound: A Creative Examination of The Cantos

Collin Spinney '16 and Professor Naomi Guttman
Beautiful Deviancy

Kevin Welsh '15 and Professor Peter Rabinowitz
Uncovering the "Quality of Distortion": Investigating the Cultural Divide Between the Midwest and the East Using Midwestern Literature From the 1920s and 30s

Caleb Williamson '17 and Professor Todd Franklin
The 21st Century New Negro

Yang Yang '15 and Professor Ella Gant
A Tale of Three Cities - Sketchbook Art Project

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