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Kathy Purdy

The Hamilton College Arboretum Third Saturday series resumes on Saturday, Jan. 21, with author Kathy Purdy. She will give a lecture titled “Colchicums: Autumn’s Best-Kept Secret” at 10 a.m. in the Taylor Science Center’s Kennedy Auditorium.

Kathy Purdy has been gardening in the cold climate of upstate New York for more than 25 years and writing at since 2002. She believes short season gardening is no obstacle to beauty or pleasure.

Her talk is all about colchicums. These under-used hardy bulbs bring bright color to the fall garden. She will discuss the best varieties for various garden situations and ideal plants to partner with them.

Parking is available near the building. All Arboretum events are free and open to the public and everyone interested in gardens and landscapes is encouraged to attend. Pre-registration is not required.

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