Corinne Smith '17 presents her research during a poster session on campus.

Working on the issue of sexual-assault prevention has been an integral part of the academic experience for Hamilton psychology major Corinne Smith ’17.  She chairs a campus sexual assault and prevention group and was a leader of the Yes Means Yes sex-positive, sexual-assault prevention discussion group.

Collaborating with Counseling Center Director David Walden, Smith spent a summer researching sexual-assault prevention and education on campus, work funded by the Levitt Center. Their report recommends that the College offer comprehensive sexual education and add programs that address “peer to peer culture,” for instance alcohol education, bystander intervention training and sex-positive discussions.

Her coursework, research and overall experience at Hamilton have helped Smith focus her post-College plans.

“I was very, very set on counseling when I got here, and I’m still very interested in counseling, especially domestic violence and sexual-assault counseling,” she says. “However, I also have been fascinated with higher ed administration and that end of things. So right now I’m kind of looking at more of a health outreach counselor.”

She’s investigating dual graduate programs in health outreach and psychology counseling or social work.

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