2019 Admission Applications chart

The receipt of 8,338 applications, roughly one-third more than last year’s record total of 6,240, provided both an exhilarating and challenging start to the year for the Hamilton admission team. 

“The admission team is as humbled as they are excited about this year’s application pool,” said Vice President for Enrollment Monica Inzer. “More than ever, the hardest part of our job will be deciding which candidates we won’t be able to admit. But the opportunity to offer a small percentage of incredible students the gift of a Hamilton education is what keeps us going.

“The quality of this year’s candidates is comparable to last year’s stunning pool,” Inzer continued. Applicants to Hamilton’s Class of 2023 hail from 49 states and 121 countries. Thirty-seven percent identified as African American/Black, Asian American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino or multiracial and from the United States; an additional 24 percent are international; and 57 percent identified as female and 43 percent male. 

Many factors fueled the growth in applications. Among them were a more strategic admission outreach and travel plan, a more robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool that allowed the admission team to communicate more effectively and personally with prospects, a removal of barriers in the application process (including waiving the application fee for students from the first generation in their families to attend college and allowing for self-reported standardized testing), and the continued growth of Hamilton’s partnership with QuestBridge. 

Admission decisions will be released on Feb. 8 for Early Decision II applicants and on March 20 for Regular Decision candidates.

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