Monica Inzer

U.S News & World Report interviewed Vice President for Enrollment Management Monica Inzer for “tips, some introspection, and insight into what admissions officers are looking for[that] can help ease the pressure” in an April 24 article. Titled “College Essay Examples: How to Write Your Story,” the article quoted Inzer: “A good essay to me, in general, is one where I learn something about the student that I wouldn’t learn elsewhere in the application.” She explained that finding their voice means students must get to know themselves and write authoritatively, sharing a sense of their lives with admissions officers.

The article included an essay submitted by a successful Hamilton applicant on fly-fishing and pointed to a page on the College’s website titled “College Essays that Worked.” Other institutions highlighted in the article included Tufts and Johns Hopkins Universities and St. Johns College.

Inzer encouraged students not to stress too much over the essay and put unnecessary weight on it as part of their college application. While a strong essay may elevate a candidate in a crowded field, she said it doesn’t make or break an application.

“That alone won’t get them in; it’s their grades and hard work and lots of other things. But it might get them an extra look, especially at a highly selective place where there are lots of strong candidates,” Inzer concluded.

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