Allinger ’11 Conducts Coral Sampling Research in Spain

Geosciences major Theresa Allinger ’11 recently traveled to Spain to sample corals collected from the Weddell Sea for geochemical analysis.


The work is related to her senior thesis, advised by Professor Eugene Domack, in which she analyzes Antarctic corals in order to infer oceanographic and climatic change in the regions of study. Her current work involves geochemical analysis of deep-water corals collected from the Ross Sea. This research is part of a National Science Foundation-supported LARsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctica (LARISSA) project.


Allinger worked in Cesar Megina’s lab at the University of Seville to drill the corals in order to collect powdered samples for analysis. She was aided in her travel and lab work by Caroline Lavoie, who recently completed postdoctoral research at Hamilton College.

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