Katheryn Doran

In a second post in the Syllabus Showcase series on the Blog of the American Philosophical Association, Associate Professor of Philosophy Katheryn Doran discussed her advanced course on American philosophy and how it fits into Hamilton’s Social, Structural, and Institutional Hierarchies (SSIH) requirement.

Doran highlighted Philosophy 410 (cross listed with American Studies 410) and how the seminar has evolved since she first taught it in 2010, noting that the course met SSIH standards even before they were implemented for the 2017-18 academic year. She said that over the years, part of the course has focused on topics such as the “culture wars” over the case for multicultural curricula in higher education, race and racism from Reconstruction through the case for reparations, and the connection between democracy and education.

“Questions about race, sex, discrimination, and equity have never been far afield in the course,” Doran said, and that she looks forward to “to talking about them throughout and in even greater depth” again this fall.

As with a previous post about her lower level Movies and Philosophy course, which appeared in July, a sample syllabus was included.

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