Russell Marcus

Associate Professor of Philosophy Russell Marcus recently co-chaired the Teaching Hub, a two-day mini-conference within the Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association.

He organized the Teaching Hub for the second year in a row, developing sessions, assigning organizers and chairs, and overseeing peer review of submissions. He also organized and ran a session himself and chaired another.

Marcus said more than 200 people attended the mini-conference, including several esteemed philosophers and philosophical educators. “It was quite a success and I have already adapted and used [in a class] one of the activities I learned about there,” he noted.

In addition to Marcus’ article on teaching, the current issue of AAPT Studies in Pedagogy includes an article by Juli Thorson, professor of philosophy at Ball State University, about work she developed in part at the Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy (HCSPiP).

In her praise of the program, Thorson said her participation in HCSPiP allowed her to refine the drawing pedagogy she had been using for many years and to reflect on its impact. She called conversations with and among the students “incredibly intense” and said that “philosophy was always the center of discussions at the meals” during the two-week intensive course.

Marcus is the founder and director of HCSPiP.

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