Ashley Ramos '17

Similar to a lot of my peers during senior year, my next steps after graduation weren’t exactly planned out. I spent my four years at Hamilton taking classes from different areas of study because as a student I didn’t want to think I missed out on something worth trying. As a 21-year old deciding my professional career, those feelings didn’t change. With Hamilton’s open curriculum, I felt supported in my choice to explore several academic interests and after graduation I carried a similar attitude about my career pursuits.

I had set my sights on a future in the fashion marketing field but remained unconfident about my choice, so I approached the job search as a time for self-exploration and curiosity. I remained open to other marketing roles in different industries, applying to every job that I thought could be a great next step for my career. This decision ultimately led me to land an advertising position at Spotify.

I can confidently say that my career search process included over 400 job applications and about 30 interviews. These conversations helped me gain more insight into the kind of job that would be most fulfilling. Through my fashion marketing research, I discovered the world of recruiting agencies–a gold mine for recent graduates for immediate openings in short and long term capacities, across every industry you can think of.

Although my focus started on the fashion industry, I realized that closing myself off to other industries meant limiting my scope for creative opportunities. With the help of my recruiter, I was able to apply for an advertising coordinator role in an industry that I did not think to consider: music. After several interviews, I was able to start a 6 month-contract role with Ad Studio, Spotify’s self-serve advertising platform. Although the contract was set to end in March, the role converted to one that was full time.

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There is an unspoken expectation for seniors and recent graduates to have set decisions for their future but the resounding truth is that not everyone has or follows a straight career path. It’s totally normal to figure it out as you go; the trick is to not lose momentum even when conversations hit a dead end. I encourage new graduates to give themselves the opportunity to pursue different paths and truly embrace the discovery process. It is during my summer post-grad that I underwent a period of self discovery and honest reflection–an experience that allowed me to embrace an amazing job that I feel motivated and challenged by.

Ashley Ramos '17, a Hispanic studies major, is currently an advertising sales coordinator at Spotify. During her time at Hamilton, she was a member of Signature Style, Spoon University, and HEOP. 

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