James Argo '22
James Argo’s ’22 summer internship at Goldman Sachs was followed with a job offer. He’s now an investment banking analyst in the global financial service company’s healthcare group where he helps advise clients on mergers and acquisitions, and access the capital markets.

It’s been an interesting path for Argo, who a few years ago didn’t even have economics on his radar. “I fell into the trap of thinking whatever you were good at in high school should be your career,” he said. For him, that was biology, but after a few semesters of Hamilton courses, including Intro. to Economics, he was drawn to the excitement of the field’s “time-sensitive” transactions.

Argo attended a few on-campus information sessions where alumni who had majored in economics described how their skillset was a good fit for careers in finance. He could relate. He secured the 2021 internship in the healthcare sector within Goldman’s Investment Banking Division, working on the “live-deal teams” alongside analysts and senior bankers. He had the chance to interact with a broad array of clients, from biotech to medtech.

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“There is also a big emphasis on teamwork, which makes for a positive, collegial work environment and ensures that clients benefit from the insights of all the firm’s professionals,” he said. “They try to throw you right in, to whatever extent possible, and show you what it would be like to be a fulltime employee. If a client has a question, they might ask you to take a first pass at researching something … they try to get you as involved as possible.”

Today Argo works at Goldman’s office in New York City. With his prior experience in biology, he is finding the healthcare sector is a perfect combination of his two main academic interests: science and economics. “A lot of the work you end up doing in investment banking is research-based, and many of the courses I’ve taken at Hamilton have helped me hone my research skills,” he added.

Another appeal of the healthcare team is the significance of their clients’ work. “It’s important that these companies are getting really good advice,” he said, “because they’re performing valuable services for people, and we want them to advance these therapies and be successful.”

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