Charlie Boyer ’93
As Co-CEO of Americord Registry, Charlie Boyer’s ’93 work in stem cell preservation touches the very raw materials of life.

Americord is a leader in cord blood banking, a process of collecting and storing blood from the umbilical cord after a baby’s birth. According to Americord’s website, hematopoietic stem cells “saved” from the umbilical cord have been used since the 1970s in bone marrow transplants. Today, they are approved by the FDA to treat more than 80 medical conditions.

“These cells are ideal treatment for a donor baby with a high likelihood of matches for a baby’s siblings in cases of genetic disorders,” Boyer says. “Families have used the stem cells we saved to dramatically improve the quality of life for their child with sickle cell disease, for example.”

Boyer heads Americord’s strategic planning as well as runs day-to-day operations, taking responsibility for the business results including marketing, sales, lab operations, and research and development. He comes to the stem cell field after more than three decades in management in the telecommunications and finance industries.

“I majored in computer science at Hamilton and was taught problem-solving skills that I transfer over to the various jobs where I’ve worked,” says Boyer, who plans to parlay his expertise on board positions in the future. “I still enjoy the focus on a company’s most efficient solution.”

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