Lindsay Suter ’86
Sustainable-design architect Lindsay Suter ’86 built on his environmental issues honors with the Green Building Council’s Green Advocate Award in 2022.

The GBC is the premier nonprofit institution for the development of sustainable design in the U.S., and perhaps the world. “It’s essentially their ‘lifetime achievement’ award for architects and community proponents of green building,” Suter says. “As I remarked to their board of directors: On very rare occasions, you receive a compliment that you end up spending the rest of your life trying to live up to! This is surely mine.”

Lindsay Suter ’86As principal of Lindsay Suter Architects of North Branford, Conn., since 1999, he focuses his practice on sustainable-design principles and their integration with historical building types and the urban fabric. His work in the U.S. and abroad has been recognized with coverage, exhibits, and awards from the American Institute of Architects Connecticut, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Boston Society of Architects, King Charles III (then Prince Charles), The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Connecticut Public Television & Radio, among others.

Suter recognizes that his Hamilton education did not directly influence his career choice. “Architecture is a very technical profession, and that was not the point of my undergrad experience,” he says. “I do believe strongly, though, that Hamilton provided me with skills, exposure, and habits that are the foundation of any good professional.”

What’s next for Suter? He’s winding down his practice to focus on teaching, having just taken a position at the University of Hartford.

“Teaching architecture studio and sustainable design is gratifying in many ways, especially when encouraging the success of students who come from subcultures that might not support things like gender equality or prioritize environmental concerns,” Suter says. “It’s challenging in ways I’m not used to, but very rewarding.”

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