#BecauseHamilton Day notice

The College’s most ambitious giving day ended at midnight Oct. 27 with record-breaking numbers: 3,357 gifts that generated $1,395,439 for our community. But #BecauseHamilton raised more than dollars.

#BecauseHamilton message board
#BecauseHamilton message board

The social media-fueled campaign generated a day-long stream of #BecauseHamilton messages of gratitude, posted via tweets, Facebook messages, and Instagram photos and on the Scroll and on a physical bulletin board on Martin’s Way, now moved to Commons. Here is a sampling of some of the messages of the day:

  • It's astounding how much Hamilton College did for me in less than 4 years. #BecauseHamilton is the quintessential liberal arts school – John Sundman
  • #BecauseHamilton gave me the confidence to step up – Ron T. Kim
  • Made a gift to #BecauseHamilton Day because Hamilton College led
    to my writing career & gave me the best friends – Annie Hartnett
  • Today I gave to my alma mater @HamiltonCollege #BecauseHamilton
     completely changed my life! – Andres Henriquez
  • Having member of @HamCollBaseball calling me was easily the best way to get me to (finally) donate to @HamiltonCollege. Amazing memories... – Brett Zalaski
  • #BecauseHamilton exceeds expectations! – John Pitarresi
  • #BecauseHamilton taught me how to be a better writer & a smarter thinker.#BecauseHamilton helped me get my work published. Thanks, Hammy! – Lauren Magaziner
  • #BecauseHamilton textPerhaps the funniest exchange was between an alumnus, Chris Jusuf, and a student, Bridget Braley, who was texting to encourage him to make a gift. The exchange was brought to our attention by alumnus Michael Everhart who tweeted:

This is awesome/hilarious, @HamiltonCollege friends. #becausehamilton #getscrolled

Student – Hi! We are trying to get 3,000 donors by tomorrow night for Because Hamilton Day. Will you help us meet our goal by giving at Hamilton.edu/Because ? Thanks for your loyal support and go Hamilton!

Alumnus – Is this a scam? This seems like a scam.

Student – This is not a scam. We are using a new platform this year to help us reach 3,000 donors!

Alumnus – Highly suspect

Student – Check Hamilton.edu/Because tomorrow and you will see what the activity is centered around. Thanks!

Alumnus – Nice try Russia!

Student – I promise I’m not a bot! Test my Hamilton knowledge.

Alumnus – What’s the best meal at the pub?

Student (after conferring with her fellow texting student workers) TCP

Alumnus – OK I’ll donate!

And he was true to his word. Additionally Jusuf tweeted: @HamiltonCollege please give Ms. Braley a raise for dealing with my nonsense.  

And finally, what is the TCB that guaranteed this Hamilton gift? According to Hamilton’s food service provider Bon Appetit, it is “It is like a Thanksgiving sandwich.  It is smoked turkey breast, cranberry mayo, applewood smoked bacon, provolone cheese on focaccia bread.  TCB (turkey, cranberry, bacon).”

In closing, Hamilton expressed its thanks via this video and the college’s reconditioned letter press to all who made #BecauseHamilton such an exceptional day.

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