The fifth edition of Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice, co-authored by Professor of Economics Betsy Jensen, was recently published by Routledge. Co-authored with Don Waldman of Colgate University, the book was originally published in 1998.

According to the Routledge website, Industrial Organization “blends a rigorous theoretical introduction to industrial organization with empirical data, real-world applications and case studies,” supporting students “with a range of problems and exercises, and definitions of key terms and concepts.”

In this new edition “relevant data, tables, empirical examples, and case studies have been updated to reflect current trends and topics, in the most complete reorganization since the second edition.”

Routledge adds that Industrial Organization is “the ideal undergraduate text for courses on industrial organization.”

In a review, William Field of DePauw University said, “Students appreciate the way this textbook carefully explains the relevant economic theories, and then shows how these theories can help us understand corporate behavior and analyze court decisions in antitrust cases.”

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