Bon Appétit Recognized in Utica Observer-Dispatch

The 2010 Eat Local Challenge took place on McEwen green.
The 2010 Eat Local Challenge took place on McEwen green.

Bon Appétit, Hamilton’s food service provider, was recognized in a Utica Observer-Dispatch editorial (10/18/10) for its “eat local” efforts.   On Sept. 28 Bon Appétit hosted its annual “Eat Local Challenge,” where all food served was grown within a 150-mile radius of campus.


The editorial said, “Hamilton College’s commitment to provide local food wherever possible is an example of how we can all take a pro-active approach to supporting our region’s economy — not to mention the plus it provides for healthy living.


“A luncheon on the Hill late last month featuring everything grown within 150 miles of Clinton was only part of the Hamilton “locavore” effort. There also is a student-run garden that supplies a substantial amount of produce to the dining halls, run by Bon Appetit, and in the cafeterias, vegetables, meats and dairy products of New York state origin are flagged to encourage students to choose them.”


The editorial concluded, “Hamilton College and other educational institutions should be commended for encouraging their students, while being groomed for success, to think about where their next meal is coming from.”

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