Hamilton's Ultimate Frisbee team celebrated its 40th anniversary with a tournament on April 9.  Nearly 40 alumni/former players came back to compete, including 15 from the early to mid -80s and close to 25 from the 2000s. Hamilton’s team currently has 50 active players.

Alumni traveled from as far as New Mexico and a number of alumni had not been back to campus since graduating. Many of the older alumni were founding/original members of the women’s and men’s teams. More than 80 people participated in the tournament that had been in the planning stages since spring 2015

Spirits were high throughout the entire event and current players experienced a sense of broader community, lineage, and belonging never before seen in the program’s history. Co-captain Jonah Boucher ’17 summed it all up: “In two days, 40 years’ worth of Frisbee players came together to celebrate how long we’ve been tossing around a piece of plastic on a small hill in the middle of New York.”

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