Chemistry Students Present at MERCURY Conference

Alvin Wu '13, Carmen Montagnon '13, Dan Mermelstein '14.
Alvin Wu '13, Carmen Montagnon '13, Dan Mermelstein '14.

Over the weekend of July 29,  Dan Mermelstein’14, Carmen Montagnon ’13 and Alvin Wu ’13 presented their research at the 10th Molecular Educational Research Consortium in Undergraduate Computational chemistRY (MERCURY) conference at Bucknell University. The three students have been working this summer in the laboratory of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Adam Van Wynsberghe.

MERCURY is a NSF-funded consortium of 14 chemistry professors at primarily undergraduate institutions across the country that share computational resources and host an annual conference that focuses on theoretical and computational chemistry carried out by undergraduate researchers. Students present their work in a short oral presentation and in poster format.


Mermelstein presented the poster titled “Determination of an Appropriate Surface for the Transition from Brownian Dynamics in Sialic Acid Binding to Neuraminidase” and included Jeremy Adelman ’13 as a co-author.

Montagnon’s poster was titled “Investigation of Oseltamivir Binding Kinetics to N1 Influenza Neuraminidase” and included Laura Leonard ’11 and Erica Losito ’12 as co-authors.


Wu presented the poster “Characterization of the Association Between Neuraminidase and Sialic Acid Using Molecular Dynamics simulations” and included Rebecca Green ’11 as a co-author.

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