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Nadya Bair.

“The International Origins of ‘Concerned Photography:’ Cornell Capa in the United States, Japan, and Israel,” by Assistant Professor of Art History Nadya Bair, was published as a feature article in the summer issue of American Art.

The article stems from research pertaining to Bair’s current book-length project on the International Center of Photography and its founder, Cornell Capa. One of the images Bair used in her article appears as the cover image for the issue. American Art is a publication of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the University of Chicago Press.

In addition, a new version of Bair’s digital project, “Inside The Decisive Network,” is live. The website accompanies and expands her 2020 book, The Decisive Network: Magnum Photos and the Postwar Image Market.

The website features interactive maps, network visualizations, and image galleries of photo essays published by Magnum photographers, making more material available to a larger audience. Several members of Hamilton’s Digital Scholarship team, as well as student interns Khuslen Tulga and Belal Shaheen, both rising seniors, were among those who worked with Bair on the new version.

This fall, Bair will also teach a course on “Digital Approaches to Print Media” in which students will learn about magazine histories and digital methods, and explore the production of

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