Congratulations to Hamilton College Boilermaker Runners - Hamilton CollegeCongratulations to Hamilton College Boilermaker Runners - Hamilton College

Congratulations to Hamilton College Boilermaker Runners

Hamilton College students, alumni, faculty and administrators took part in the 25th annual Utica Boilermaker 15k Road Race on Sunday, July 14.  The nation's largest 15K road race, the Boilermaker is the premier event of the National Distance Running Hall of Fame's annual Hall of Fame Weekend. The race consistently attracts elite runners from all over the world, including Olympians and world record holders. The Boilermaker features distance running's most enthusiastic fans, as well as the sport's most enjoyable post-race party, hosted at The Matt Brewing Company.

Congratulations to the following Hamilton runners:
Matt Drescher '05, Juliana Allport '05, Greg Zalaski '04, Anna Arnold '04, Christine Campbell '04, Paul P. Jones '03, Matt Gale '03, Jessica Sexton '03, Sarah Taylor '03, Liz Lamdin '03, Fletcher Malcom '03, Rob Gordon '03, Maggie Hanson '02, Rebecca Walker '02, Mac Weiss '02, John Damaske '02, Ryan Murelli '02, Chris Steed '01, Carl Bressler '01, Scott Taylor '01, Emily Hill '01, Steve Guditus '01, Sam Brown '01, Beth Vogel '01, Meghan Hern '01, John Doench '00, David Trzepacz '00, Carolyn Carpenter '00, Tara Wolfard Jennings '99, Phil Jennings '99, Kate Wasalaco '99, Matt Nolan '98, Frank Vlossak '89, Amy Owens Goodfriend '82, Tony Neweva '81, Mary Gilroy '81, Linda Johnson '80, Elliot Knot (Coach), Claudette Ferrone '88 (Development), Mary Evans '82 (Development), Prof. Tim Elgren, Prof. Ernest Williams, Prof. Onno Oerlemans, Judy Owens-Manley (Levitt Center), Mary Karen Vellines (Admissions), Matt Malatesta (Admissions), Will Cardamone (Admissions), Andrea Thomas (Admissions), John Ingalls (ITS), Karen Schaffer (ITS), Jesse Thomas (ITS) and Sarah Steele (Personnel).

If we have missed any Hamilton runners, please e-mail Paul Jones.

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