Erica De Bruin

Assistant Professor of Government Erica De Bruin recently discussed her new book,  How to Prevent Coups détat : Counterbalancing and Regime Survival (Cornell University Press), with cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Her talk highlighted findings from her book on coup prevention. She also touched on the question of whether the U.S. is in the midst of a coup attempt, what strategies work to keep militaries out of politics in democratic regimes, and how the U.S. can help build military capacity without increasing the risk of coups in other states.

The talk was co-hosted by West Point’s International Affairs Form, which brings in social science experts to enhance the understanding of the factors that affect state behavior, and the Modern War Institute, where De Bruin is serving as a Non-Resident Fellow this academic year.

The discussion was moderated by Maj. Joseph Lapointe, instructor of international relations, and Assistant Professor of International Affairs Max Margulies. 

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