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Members of Hamilton College's men's and women's crew programs will be checking in throughout the week with dispatches from their spring trip to Florida. Tuesday's update comes from Patrick English '15.

Our second day in Tampa brought some temperamental weather. We certainly didn't expect thunderstorms and tornado watches, but the teams made the most of the bad weather.

The men's team had the early shift in the morning and we were able to get out on the water. We got our first miles on the water with a lot of partial slide work by sixes. Once we got the kinks out, we started rowing pretty smoothly and together. We followed that up with a few hard 20-stroke pieces, which went pretty well. While we didn't get a ton of work in, it was a solid morning row.

After breakfast at the Tampa dining hall, most of the team spent the down time napping and catching up on lost sleep from the night before. With thunderstorms in the area, we soon found that our 3 p.m. practice was pushed back to 4 and then to 5. We ended up going for a 45-minute run in the rain, which felt great given the 70-degree temperatures. It's too bad we couldn't get more time in the boats but with sun in the forecast for the majority of the week, I'm glad we got the iffy weather out of the way early. I'm sure we'll hit the ground running tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a sunny week of training.

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