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Members of Hamilton College's men's and women's crew programs will be checking in throughout the week with dispatches from their spring trip to Florida. Thursday's update comes from coxswain Heather Piekarz '16.

Today the women’s team had the early shift, starting the morning with several five-minute pieces at various rates. As the crews settled into their rhythms, there was noticeable improvement across the boats. We were able to get more length and run out of each stroke, and it was good to see the mixed lineups getting competitive during the pieces.

We had a brief afternoon break, which most people used to catch up on sleep or to spend some time out in the beautiful sun. I think we're all still a little shocked every time we walk outside and are greeted with a warm breeze instead of the freezing temperatures we've been used to in Clinton. A few rowers also had fun sculling in our double between practices.

During the afternoon practice, we discussed our race plan and began working on our starts. Though we only worked on the first few strokes, focusing mostly on timing and building up the intensity, practicing starts always get the team excited to race!

At night, several girls took a nice walk down the river to get some gelato, while others spent the evening hanging out at the hotel. Assistant coach Jordan Norberg also arrived today, so the team is happy to have another source of feedback on the water. Overall, it was a solid day of rowing, and the women’s team is looking forward to scrimmaging Drake University Thursday afternoon.

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