Hamilton College men's and women's crew won four out of five races against Union College on the Erie Canal in Rome on April 23.

Hamilton finished first in the men's varsity 8 and captured the Gilman Cup for the first time since 2010. The Continentals also grabbed the top spot in the men's novice 4.

Hamilton ended up first in the women's varsity eight and retained the Gilman Plate for the ninth straight year. The nationally ranked No. 15 women also won the second varsity 8 race and held on to the Gilman Goblet.

Temperatures were in the 40s during the early evening under cloudy skies. Racing conditions included a variable 10-to-20 mph tailwind with moderate chop.

Hamilton hosts Colgate University and Lehigh University on Saturday, April 26.


Men’s Varsity 8
1st Hamilton 6:13.63
2nd Union  6:16.82
Hamilton wins the Gilman Cup

Women’s Varsity 8
1st Hamilton  7:00.35
2nd Union  7:12.93
Hamilton wins the Gilman Plate

Men’s Second Varsity 8
1st Union  6:34.22
2nd Hamilton  6:40.29
Union wins the Gilman Bowl

Women’s Second Varsity 8
1st Hamilton  7:01.98
2nd Union 7:16.82
3rd Hamilton 3V  7:30.52
Hamilton wins the Gilman Goblet

Men’s Novice 4
1st Hamilton 7:09.43
2nd Union  7:59.88


Women’s Varsity 8
c Sydney Cantor
8 Leah Sorensen
7 Karly Moore 
6 Caroline Walton
5 Keara Lynn 
4 Maddy Maher
3 Ally Kontra 
2 Emma Zanazzi
1 Jess Pedersen

Men’s Varsity 8
c Allie Hoeltzel
8 Jared Lippman
7 Kyle Leahy 
6 Jack Wildman
5 Landon Morin
4 Elias Clough 
3 Parker Lewis
2 Grant Meglis
1 Alec Melone 

Women’s Second Varsity 8
c Heather Piekarz
8 Emily Hedison
7 Meredith Garner
6 Hideko Nara
5 Kelsie Sausville
4 Lily Trapkin
3 Becca Gorlin
2 Charlotte Andrews
1 Nina Byers

Men’s Second Varsity 8
c Mali Barker
8 Jake Wagner
7 Gardner Reed
6 Phil Ewing
5 Alex Cates
4 Patrick English
3 Tianshu Liu
2 Marc Horshman
1 Russ DeGrazia

Women’s 3V8
c Caroline Harrington
8 Keara Fenzel
7 Amanda Wheeler
6 Hannah Zucker
5 Emily Eisler 
4 Olivia Koster
3 Michelle Chapman
2 Rachel Landman
1 Mollie Major

Men’s Novice 4
c Bowin Lee
4 Elias Clough
3 George Segee-Wright
2 Oliver Magnusson
1 Michael Burchesky

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