Andrew Projansky ’21 conducts a physics experiment for a visiting elementary school class in 2019.

Andrew Projansky ’21 will enter a physics Ph.D. program at Dartmouth College this fall. Here he talks about his interest in the subject and what led him on his path.

Why did you decide to apply to Dartmouth?

I applied to a lot of Ph.D. programs for physics; Dartmouth was one of my, if not my top choice. I was looking for a respected school where there was a large number of faculty in quantum information and quantum computing. There were so many schools that were high ranking that didn’t have any strength in quantum computing, while Dartmouth seems to only be increasing the amount of quantum computing research they’re doing.

What is quantum computing?

Quantum computing explores using the properties of quantum theory to improve computational speed.

About andrew projansky '21

Majors: Physics, Mathematics

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Ill.

High School: Adlai E. Stevenson High School

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Why did you choose to major in physics and math?

I always had an aptitude for numbers; at some point, I realized that my favorite part about the numbers were all the ways they could be used to describe things — from the motion of a leaf falling from a tree to processes that underlie the most fundamental building blocks of the universe.

What do you hope to eventually do career-wise?

Long term, I’d love to be a professor and teach at a small institution like Hamilton. I want to be a professor who students can talk openly to and form relationships with, like I did with my professors.

Is there anything at Hamilton that inspired you to pursue a Ph.D.?

The physics faculty, who have been some of my biggest inspirations these past few years.

Why did you choose Hamilton?

I felt at other schools I was likely to slip between the cracks. I thought I’d go unnoticed by faculty or other peers; at Hamilton that was never a problem.

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