The Washington Post devoted an entire page of its Outlook section to “18 Steps to a Democratic Breakdown” co-authored by Associate Professor of Government Erica De Bruin online on Dec. 10 and in the Sunday, Dec. 12, print edition.

De Bruin and co-author Marquette University Associate Professor of Political Science Risa Brooks argue that democracy is most likely to break down via incremental steps to undermine elections, rather than a violent insurrection or coup. Republican efforts to control election administration, restrict participation, and build public support for anti-democratic actions – these comparatively quiet but ongoing actions, they argue, pose the biggest threat to democracy today.

The authors make clear that different actions – from laws granting state legislatures more control over elections to politicians casting doubt on electoral outcomes, encouraging violence & politicizing the military – all work together to make subverting democracy more likely.

The piece highlights in particular just how dangerous the authors believe current Republican efforts to control election administration are. 

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