Depetris Chauvin Publishes Article in Hybrid Storyspaces

Irene Depetris Chauvin
Irene Depetris Chauvin

Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies Irene Depetris Chauvin published an article titled “Voice, Music and the Experience of the Neutral in Martín Rejtman’s Fictions” in the spring issue of Hybrid Storyspaces: Redefining the Critical Enterprise in Twenty-First Century Hispanic Literature.


The article examines the ambiguity Depetris Chauvin calls “a distinctive aspect of Rejtman’s literary and cinematic aesthetics.” By analyzing soundtracks, she concludes that “far from being merely expressions of a lack of affect, Rejtman’s detached aesthetics and the apathetic behavior of the youths portrayed in his fictions are in fact an alternative form of expression that proposes “neutrality” as a non-paradigmatic intensity.”

Hybrid Storyspaces, a collective volume edited by Christine Henseler and Debra A. Castillo, is part of the Hispanic Issues book series published by the University of Minnesota.

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