Emerson Summer Research Grants Awarded to 28 Students

Twenty-eight Hamilton students have been named recipients of the 2010 Emerson Summer Grants. The students receive a stipend and spend the summer working collaboratively with a Hamilton faculty member, researching an area of interest.

This year’s recipients, their faculty mentors and projects are:

Alex Benkhart '11 and Professor Kyoko Omori
The Prostitute as Hero: Examining Depictions of Women in Japanese Film, Theatre, and Anime

Elizabeth Brandon '11 and Professor Esther Kanipe
Revolutionary Medicine and the Medical Revolution

Cameron Breslin '11 and Professor Scott Macdonald
Promoting the Environmental Concern by Representing Cultural Differences in Ethnographic-Nature Films

Dan Brimberry '13 and Professor Timothy Elgren
Assessing the Leaching of Bisphenol-A from Plastics

Kelsey Brow '12 and Professor Roberta Krueger
Dans l'ombre de la guerre

Clare Browne '11 and Professors Danyang Yu and John Bartle
Examining Risk Factors for Alcoholism in Russia

Tim Carman '11 and Professor Lydia Hamessley
Drum Grooves and Styles: Transcriptions for an Educational Practice Manual

Woodger Faugas '12 and Professor Donald Carter
On Comparing Race Consciousness among Black Immigrants in the Unites States: A Transnational Dialectic of Race, Class, and Ethnicity

Himeka Hagiwara '11 and Professor Rick Werner
Mental States and Their Role in Understanding Self and Others

Kate Harleo '12 and Professor Lisa Trivedi
Study the Communal Identity in India

Michael Harwick '11 and Professor Peter Rabinowitz
The Unreality Atlas: The Novel On and Off the Map

Katherine Hoar '11 and Professor Kevin Grant
Hunger Strike as an IRA Tradition: The Protest of Bobby Sands

Cui Lin '12 and Professor Zhuoyi Wang
"Left-Behind Parents" -- Documentary Filmmaking

Jesica Lindor '12 and Professor Rick Werner
Knowledge and Happiness

Randall Mason '11 and Professor Angel Nieves
Ashes From Her Fire: Revisiting Paris is Burning and Realness Twenty Years Later

Andres Matlock '12 and Professor Nancy Rabinowitz
Almodovar & Euripides: A Formal & Thematic Comparative Study

Alexandra Nisita '12 and Professor Roberta Krueger
Living Early Feminism: Marquise de Chatelet

Kate Northway '11 and Professor Anne Lacsamana
Urban Agriculture in Utica: Maintaining Immigrant Identity while Creating Economic Self Sufficiency

Sushmita Preetha '11 and Professor Chaise LaDousa
Exploring Hijra Identity in Developmental Bangladesh

Tyler Roberts '12 and Professor Frank Anechiarico
The Study of the Rule of Law at Hamilton

John Scurfield '12 and Professor Shelley Haley
Relooking Classics: Intercultural Exchange between Ancient Ethiopia and Ancient Rome

Jacob Sheetz-Willard '12 and Professor Maurice Isserman
"Golden River": How Pete Seeger Transformed the Hudson

William Shinehouse '11 and Professor Stephen Wu
The Effects of Pledging a Greek Organization on Academic Outcomes

Laura Lee Smith '11 and Professor Shelley Haley
Reinvestigating the Female Pharaohs: Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra Egyptology

Xiang Wang '12 and Professor Christopher Vasantkumar
Casino Popularity among Chinese American Communities in New York City - How Non-Profit Organizations & Government Help Reduce Gambling Addictions

Olivia Wolfgang-Smith '11 and Professor Tina Hall
A Summer in the Slush Pile

Celia Yu '12 and Professor Masaaki Kamiya
Implicit and Explicit Numerical Acquisition in Children

Yan Zhong Zhen '13 and Professor Christopher Vasantkumar
A Look at Chinese Minorities and Citizenship from the Perspective of Xinjiang

Created in 1997, the Emerson Foundation Grant program was designed to provide students with significant opportunities to work collaboratively with faculty members. The recipients, covering a range of topics, will explore fieldwork, laboratory and library research, and the development of teaching materials. The students will make public presentations of their research throughout the 2010-11 academic year.

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