Matt Currier '17 and Assistant Professor of History John Eldevik worked together on a 2014 Emerson research project.
Matt Currier '17 and Assistant Professor of History John Eldevik worked together on a 2014 Emerson research project.

Recipients of the 2015 Emerson Summer Grants were recently announced. Created in 1997, the Emerson Foundation Grant program was designed to provide students with significant opportunities to work collaboratively with faculty members, researching an area of interest. Twenty-five Hamilton students and 23 faculty members will be working on the following projects this summer. The students will make public presentations of their research throughout the academic year.

Rachel Beamish ’16 and Professor Shelley Haley
“Adaptations of Classical Mythology in Contemporary Young Adult Literature”

Grace Berg ’16 and Professor Barbara Gold
“Penelope and her Odyssey: A Reception Study”

Jake Blount ’17 and Professor Lydia Hamessley
“Fiddles of the North Country: Uncovering the Ithaca Sound”

Brian Burns ’17 and Professor Scott MacDonald
“The Camera is a Time Machine: The Manipulation of Temporality in Cinema”

Kelsey Crane ’17 and Professor Craig Latrell
“The Art of the Monologue”

Adam Evertz ’17 and Professor Peter Rabinowitz
“Failures of Language: Literature and the Indescribable”

Hung Hoang ’17 and Professor Kyoko Omori
“Chasing After Mutants and Ghosts: Posthuman Socio-Sexual Politics in Cyberpunk Anime”

Asad Javed ’16 and Professor Andrew Holland
“Unholy Vanities and Holy Prose: A Reimagination of Moliere's Tartuffe through Costume Design”

Lily Johnston ’16 and Professor Rebecca Murtaugh
“The Exploration of Color: Theory and Intuition meets Pigment Acquisition and Experimentation in the Studio”

Mary Langworthy ’17 and Professor Janelle Schwartz
“Where Geology Meets Literature: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Science Writing”

Elizabeth Lvov ’17 and Professor Joyce Barry
“The Embodiment of Music: A Creative Exploration of the Female Identity Through Dance and Stories”

Jessye McGarry ’16 and Professor Craig Latrell
“Between the Commercials: An Analysis of the Influence of Current Events on the American Sitcom”

Benjamin Mittman ’17 and Professor Ravi Thiruchselvam
“Changing the Self-Belief: Implications for Mental Health”

Muhammad Najib ’17 and Professor Onur Sapci
“Impact of Current Energy Crises on Russia's Economy and Future Trends”

Njideka Ofoleta ’16 and Professor Heather Merrill
“Afro-Espanola: The African Woman Immigrant Identity in Spain”

Paula Ortiz ’17 and Professor Scott MacDonald
“Textile Patterns and Social Sturcture: Recapturing the Artistic, Historic and Cultural Legacy of Otavalo”

Marquis Palmer ’18 and Professor Richard Werner
“An Anarchist Approach to the Black Lives Matter Movement”

Sara Purinton ’17 and Professor Peter Cannavo
“The Sublime and Frontier Ideologies as Applied to the Tupper Lake Resort Debate”

Mariel Radek ’16 and Professor Lisa Trivedi
“Women in Spain: A Study of the Franco Regime's Gendered Policies”

Cesar Renero ’17 and Professor Alan Cafruny
“The U.S. Housing Industry and the Global Financial Crisis: What is the Future for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?”

John Rufo ’16 and Professor Andrew Rippeon
“Hybrid Form, Hybrid Voices: A Creative Study of Contemporary Political Poetics”

Amber Torres ’16 and Professor Chaise LaDousa
“Public Space & Popular Belief: An Urban Analysis of Corporate Culture in Washington D.C.”

Elana Van Arnam ’17 and Professor Xavier Tubau
“Juana the Mad: Queenship, Power, and Dynasty in Early Modern Spain”

Arthur Williams ’16 and Professor Omobolaji Olarinmoye
“An Emerging Cuban Market: Public Policy Analysis on the Feasibility of Microfinance in Cuba and its Potential Positive Impact on Cuban Entrepreneurship”

Richard Wu’16 and Professor Masaaki Kamiya
“Feasibility of a Linguistics Approach to Encryption”

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