Derek Jones

Professor of Economics Derek Jones served as the discussant in two sessions at this year’s virtual Mid-Year Fellows Workshop in Honor of Louis O. Kelso at Rutgers University.

In a session titled “Employee Share Ownership and Organizational Change in Dynamic Market Environments,” Jones discussed “Making Sense of Ownership: A Comparative Analysis of How Employees View Ownership in Three Professional Service Firms.” The paper was written by Ed Carberry of the University of Massachusetts Boston.

He also discussed a paper by the UCLA Labor Center’s Tia Koonse. Titled “Worker Ownership, COVID-19, and the Future of the Gig Economy,” the paper was part of a session on “The Gig Economy and Beyond – Large-Scale Worker Ownership.”

According to the program for the event, the purpose of Kelso Workshop is “to study broad-based forms of capital ownership and capital income such as employee stock ownership, equity compensation, employee ownership trusts, profit sharing, gain sharing, and worker cooperatives.”

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