This week’s Hamilton Encore features the Hamilton College Saxophone Ensemble performing the toe-tapping tune “Blister in the Sun,” arranged by Tyler Boudreau ’20. The Sax Ensemble is part of the Music Department’s chamber ensemble program and is directed by Monk Rowe, the Joe Williams Director of the Jazz Archive and lecturer in saxophone.

“‘Blister in the Sun’” is a tune by a group called The Violent Femmes,” Rowe said. “I did not know this song, but you can see that the Hamilton students in the audience did; they caught on to the percussion thing right away.”

Thank you to Boudreau’s fellow senior saxophonists Linds Cadwell and Stephen Wisser. Other performers in this video are Dylan Badillo ’23, Anna Gagliardi ’21, Jason Lever ’23, Rex Fan ’23, Michael Peebles ’22, Jin Lee ’22, Jonathan Sills ’23, Emily Walker ’22, and Maroun Mezher ’23.

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