Photo from Engaged Philosophy article: Marcus with students at a dinner in his home

Engaged Philosophy - Civic Engagement in Philosophy Classes, a website highlighting what is sometimes called experiential philosophy, interviewed Russell Marcus, associate professor of philosophy. The story highlighted Marcus’ work with philosophical pedagogy, particularly his work with the American Association of Philosophy Teachers.

In answering the question, "How do the teaching hubs help philosophers to engage the world outside of philosophy?" Marcus responded, "It is absurdly embarrassing how little philosophers have valued their teaching, and how the most influential in our field continue to do so. ...

"If we are going to argue for the importance of our work to the public, it cannot be on the basis of our research into abstruse, narrow debates," Marcus commented. "Those debates are important to us, and fun. But what really matters is our ability, like instructors in no other discipline, to help students to learn how to critically assess the social and institutional structures that we receive, to think about how best to create a more just world, and to challenge our students to be better thinkers and better people."

The extensive interview also mentioned that Marcus is a board member of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers and directs the Hamilton Summer Program in Philosophy, a laboratory for innovation in philosophical pedagogy.

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