In front, Lindsay Buff ’17 at work at the Slocan Narrows Archaeological Project during Hamilton’s summer field school

Science lover Lindsay Buff ’17 hadn’t expected to find a course of study that would allow her to spend time outdoors, another thing she loves. Then she took her first geosciences course.

She also  took a mineralogy course and a course in analytics methods in archaeology the same semester.  “And they complemented each other so well that I started really diving into all of this lithic sourcing research,” Buff says.

She spent six weeks over a summer working at Hamilton College’s archaeology summer school at the Slocan Narrows Archaeological Project, in British Columbia. Back on campus Buff continued to do lithic source research with Hamilton Associate Anthropology Professor Nathan Goodale and Geosciences Professor David Bailey.

The geoscience major is aiming for graduate school in the geosciences. En route she’s taking a diverse course load.

“I think it’s important to have a well-rounded education. Just because I like science and spend a lot of time doing it that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t graduate knowing how to write and communicate effectively, as well as think critically and creatively in other areas,” Buff says. “I think it’s really important to have a broad sense of who you are and how to process information.”

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