Erica De Bruin

Assistant Professor of Government Erica De Bruin recently attended Bridging the Gap’s 2019 International Policy Summer Institute (IPSI) at the American University School of International Service.

Applicants to the five-day professional development program are selected through a competitive process. According to the program’s web page, it is designed for “professors and post-docs the field of international affairs who want to build the tools and networks to produce and disseminate policy-relevant academic research.”

Among the activities making up the workshop were panel discussions with foreign policy experts including representatives of the U.S. executive branch, Congress, the intelligence community, NGOs, and think tanks. Other panels featured public relations professionals and editors from policy journals and media outlets.

Additional time was devoted to polishing attendees’ op-ed and blog post drafts, media training, and exercises related to interviews and interactive communications. The program also provided networking opportunities with other attendees and with program alumni.

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