Scott MacDonald

The fall F.I.L.M. (Forum on Image and Language in Motion) series presents “Film and Photography Looking at Each Other” with Visiting Professor of Art History Scott MacDonald on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 2 p.m. in the Bradford Auditorium, KJ. This and all F.I.L.M. series events are free and open to the public.

Cinema is the child of photography, and like all children its DNA reflects the DNA of its parent—though lived experience reveals a range of parent-child interrelationships.

This program focuses on a set of films that depend upon still photography and in some instances explore the interrelationships between photography and cinematography.

The program includes the influential classic sci-fi film La Jetée (1962) by Chris Marker, Disappearing Music for Face (1964) by Chieko Shiomi, (nostalgia) (1971) by Hollis Frampton, Production Stills (1970) by Morgan Fisher, and Pasadena Freeway Stills (1974) by Gary Beydler.

Coming up:
Sunday, Dec. 4:
Robb Moss presents Containment (2015)

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