More than 100 first-year students participated in “Know Thyself,” a new Career Center-sponsored event on Feb. 3.

Know Thyself was the inaugural event of the Find Your Future Series for First-Years, developed specifically for first-year students to engage in conversations and activities about themselves — what makes them happy, what they're good at and what matters to them. 

The event began with a quick panel of student stories from Phoebe Greenwald ’16, Gabe Rivas ’16, Laura Kwasnoski ’18, and Katie Conroy ’16. Janine Oliver, associate director, career development, and Michael Nelson ’16 led the participants through activities to help them write about and talk about their peak experiences, their skills, interests and values, and how they might want to pursue the things that make them happy at Hamilton. 

At each table, conversations were facilitated by Career Center Discovery Team members.

The event concluded with an opportunity for the students to set goals for how to move forward in their academics, extracurriculars and self-exploration.

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