Megan Dean

A review by Megan Dean, the Truax Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, was recently featured by the LSE Review of Books.

The Politics of Weight: Feminist Dichotomies of Power in Dieting, by Amelia Morris, a postdoctoral researcher at Royal Holloway University, was published last year by Palgrave. In it, Morris challenges feminist theory debates about the body that frequently center on “a dichotomy between oppression and liberation.”

Dean said that Morris supports a middle ground in which “the body has a more ambivalent relationship to power than either side of the dichotomy suggests,” and that Morris “argues that we should use this middle-ground approach to understand women’s engagement in weight-loss dieting.”

The Politics of Weight “tackles a topic of ongoing importance,” Dean wrote, noting that “the book’s interdisciplinary approach and subject will be of interest to scholars in many different fields.”

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