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Williams on Friendship Jealousy

Keelah E.G. Williams
Keelah E.G. Williams

Assistant Professor of Psychology Keelah Williams was recently interviewed for an episode of the podcast Ten Percent Happier. The episode, titled “Jealousy: Friends & Lovers,” is part of a series on feelings.

The interview focused on Williams’ work on friendship jealousy and her co-authored article, “Friendship jealousy: One tool for maintaining friendships in the face of third-party threats?” The article was published last year by APA PsychNet.

Williams was joined in the interview by Jaimie Arona Krems of Oklahoma State University, who was a co-author of the article. They discussed how jealousy may not always be a bad thing, saying that friendship jealousy, even with its unpleasant feelings, is an overlooked tool of friendship maintenance that may help us maintain valued friendships.

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