Clothing fashioned from newspapers, magazines and recyclable items was modeled on the runway at the 5th annual Sustainability Trashion Show.

Sarah Magee ’18 won first place with the dress she designed and modeled. The bodice was made from can tabs (recycled) and ribbon (new material); the skirt, belt and armband were made from old/past date posters for campus events (recycled); the dagger was made from cardboard (recycled), aluminum foil (recycled), poster (recycled), and ribbon (new material). The skirt waistband was twine used to tie trees to the top of people’ cars at Christmas.

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Magee said, “My inspiration was armor, hence the shiny 'chain-mail' bodice, angular skirt (think Roman Praetorian uniform), and the faux dagger. If I had to give the design a name, I would call it "Winter Warrior." However, I also wanted to design something with movement and modern style, both for aesthetic reasons and for comfort. That's why I folded the skirt pieces instead of using whole posters, chose to weave the tabs into a fabric and then sew them together, and used a fit and flare silhouette, sweetheart neckline and high-low skirt pattern."

The second place winner was a newspaper pantsuit created by the team of Maddy Fredrick ’17, Maggie Smith ’17, Olivia Box ’17 and model Mary Langworthy ’17. 

Taking third place was the team of Mirsadies Raber-Dunning ’18 and Liz Lvov ’17.  Liz modeled and Mirsadies designed the outfit: a dress with a ruffled top made of magazines and a brown paper skirt and train.

The Trashion Show served as a reminder of the ways we can reduce and reuse – some more creative than others.

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