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Bargamian ’22 Awarded Fulbright ETA to Spain

Hispanic studies/neuroscience double major Sarah Bargamian ’22 will travel to Spain as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant after graduation. She answered a few questions about her background and interest in Spain.

Why did you choose to apply for the Fulbright ETA in Spain?

I have enjoyed both teaching and learning Spanish during my time at Hamilton. I want to teach English in Spain to share this passion for language learning and to facilitate communication and cultural understanding.                                                 

sarah bargamian '22

Major: Neuroscience, Hispanic studies

Hometown: Wayland, Mass.

High School: The Rivers School

Extracurricular activity: Tennis Team

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What about teaching in another country is appealing to you?

I have always loved traveling to meet new people and immerse myself in diverse cultures. I want to live and teach abroad to experience another culture and promote multilingualism.

How did Hamilton prepare or motivate you to embark on this path?

At Hamilton, I greatly improved my Spanish, and I would like to use this language ability to live abroad. I also am a Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning Center tutor and co-president of a club where Hamilton students teach Spanish at Clinton Elementary School. Through these experiences, I have developed passions for both teaching and language learning.

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