Galia Slayen '13 Chosen as FACES Delegate

Galia Slayen '13
Galia Slayen '13

Galia Slayen ’13, a Chinese and government major, has been accepted as a delegate to Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford University (FACES).  FACES is an exchange program that sends 20 American and 20 Chinese students to Stanford University and then to China to promote cross-cultural exchange. Forty delegates were chosen from among 316 applicants.


Cristina Garafola ’11 was selected for the FACES program in 2010, and travelled to Hangzhou, China.

FACES subsidizes delegates’ travel expenses to attend the two-part conference “On Common Ground.”  In April, the delegates travel to Stanford University for a week of panels and seminars. These intellectual discussions draw on the cultural and academic strengths of experts from Stanford and premier institutions across the United States.

In November, the delegates convene again at “On Common Ground Part II,” hosted this year by Beijing University, and featuring renowned speakers based in China. Having already created a strong foundation from Part I at Stanford, Part II allows for deeper dialogue and exploration among the delegates as they continue to build trust and learn from each other's points of view.

During the conferences, students interact with current leaders while playing key roles in round-table discussions, workshops and a crisis simulation that addresses the most pressing issues in U.S.-China relations. The unique two-part conference model exposes delegates to the realities of each other’s home countries and pushes them to experience entirely new perspectives.

Delegates are selected for their potential to shape U.S.-China relations as future leaders in a range of careers including government, journalism and business. Through their interactions at the conferences, these future American and Chinese leaders will gain a better understanding of one another, both culturally and personally. They will have the chance to share ideas, experiences and perspectives.

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