Hughie Auchincloss '18 and other students in Geosciences 390 collect fossils in Little Falls, N.Y.

Students in Geosciences 390: Advanced Paleontology visited Little Falls, N.Y., last week to collect specimens in a spectacular outcrop of Utica shale. The course is taught by Professor of Geosciences Cynthia Domack who received special permission from the New York State Thruway Authority to collect fossils from the site.

The Utica shale is a black shale that presents challenging collecting conditions. Seniors Hughie Auchincloss, Matthew Moros, Margaret O’Brien, Elizabeth Perry, Julia Smith, and David Urbont, along with juniors Ursula Castiblanco and Austin Ford, collected trilobites and graptolites in association with a class project.

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